Knowing Thyself

PEARLS M2S1 120208. Personal mastery I

Just had my pearls session, a self development progamme initiate by SIM, few days back. I find personal mastery to be a very sensitive and contemplative issue; it gets you to explore yourself to a deeper level. Many people often do that unconsciously but it is the master who can consciously organise their emotions and align their goals. 

After the session, I orientated Richard through face book. He was very interested about it as it could open up a whole new platform for his company’s products. He was pretty grateful about this and picked up my tab after our dinner. Lastly, both of us went to attend the SIP talk with VIP speakers Jack Sim and Kenny Low.

It was an open table discussion and the mc got both speaker start on their passion and personal life story. Jack achieved considerable success in his 15mil business and decided to go into something more meaningful. He managed to set up the World Toilet Organization in Singapore and a few more across the globe. Firm who donated in WTO will get recognition; the funds will be channeled to provide better sanitary facilities to the society. Despite all the recognition accorded to him, he was a very down to earth man and did not let fame get to his head.  

Kenny had a pretty interesting story himself. After switching courses from accounting to business in the local uni, he only realized what he wanted when he graduated; to help others. One thing he realized was that ‘O’ level private candidates tend to have very high failure rate as private schools were not well-equipped in the earlier days. With his economics background, he realized that private schools had to provide better quality education in order to prevent this situation. So he set out and opened a private school for the private candidates, this triggered a huge change in the industry and led to improvement in private schools’ quality in order to compete with his school. Another more interesting thing was that the mission of the school he set up can only be completed when his school is forced to close down, due to overwhelming competition(from higher service quality provided by the private school); the irony~!

Jack and Kenny put their points across to the participants succintly, that their heart and passion, rather than the capital should be their primary requirements if they are to set out on such projects or businesses.  I will be anticipating for their next project, dark museum, opening. This project had worked wonders across Europe. The museum is in a dark building, whereby the public will be led through the exhibition by a visually handicapped “guide”. 

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