Beginning with an end in mind

I did my Personal Evaluation Assessment for session I and I gained some insight on my character. I sat down and talked to my sister, aunty and close friend of mine, the “significant other” in my life. A significant other is possibly the closest to you, know your strengths and weaknesses very well and knows how you utilise your time, efforts and money.They managed to tell me things I know about myself and my blind spots, and most importantly, gave me words of wisdom that will go a long way.

PEARLS M2S1 190208. Personal mastery II

Today’s session was about developing a personal vision though a deeper realisation about me and developing a personal SWOT. (Reminded me of Jack Sim witty interpretation of SWOT: strength, excuses, opportunities and… more excuses!)

Through last week exercise, I had a greater understanding of myself- my weaknesses and strengths. Richard let us attempt another exercise this week: past examination, to examine if there were any incidents in the past with left a negative impact on us and challenge us to see it in a positive way. Thought the exercise I then realised so many traits and skills I currently possess was in fact affected by my past encounters. In that case if I could challenge myself and stay positive daily, it would make me very successful in future.

Richard shared with us the desires of people who are nearing death (similar to a certain BBC4 radio programme) which altered his life philosophy. Richard told us his life philosophy, emphasising on money as a means to achieve our goals but never an end and living a life of service to others, together with our loved ones. He also told us about research results showing how Harvard grads that lived life according to their passion turned out better than those who worked solely for money. 

I already had a personal vision for success so such opportunity helped me to iron out the more itty-gritty details. I will be a full-time trader/investor and achieve 5mill before I reach 40, my initial capital will be derived from working in the property market as a real estate agent which I will begin this June(’08). I would also love to invest in business ideas if the opportunity presents itself. Through sustainable value investing, I will achieve financial freedom so as to spend more time with my love one, travelling and living for my life’s passion.

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