Stocks tabs

here are the few stocks that i have been keeping a tab on:

Banyan Tree 

BUY S$1.32 FSSTI : 3,074.15
Price Target : 12-Month S$ 2.38 (Prev S$ 2.68)
Potential Catalyst: Strong Growth pipeline coming on stream,

Food Empire
Share Price S$0.725
Target Price S$1.01
Upside Potential 39%

BreadTalk Group FY2007
Previous Day Closing price: S$0.595
Target price: S$1.04 (reduced from S$1.07)

Cacola Furniture
Previous close S$0.345
Fair value S$0.630
Share price return 76.81%

all of them have pretty decent PE ratio, bread talk has high dividend payouts and at least 25% ROA within 12 months, sure beats queuing for the microcaps. Of course, i might want to churn out those ratios again to check these darlings’ fundamentals.


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