Back from the hiatus

Finally completed my managerial accounting test which I had been studying for the last few days, the result seems quite promising. And that I will blog on stuff that I had missed out for the last one week in my life. 

PEARLS M2S4 040308. Personal mastery IV Today session touches on visioning and it consist of personal SWOT analysis, setting your goals & creating an action plan for it( very MPish but interesting). 


Firstly, I did my personal SWOT whose data was heavily derived from the PEA which I had done 3 weeks ago. It basically consists of my personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats relative to others. Upon analysing the details, I could put it to good use for my goal settings. 

Goal setting was next, I managed to come up with my short term goals(within 1 year) which are to do well for my studies & work on real estate & POEMS, I was motivated by the short terms goal I am aiming despite the packed schedule. My mid term goals(1-3 years) are mainly graduating from RMIT with a degree with distinction in biz mgmt, managing my team in real estate & making consistent profits from POEMS. My long term goals(3-5 years) consists of diversification of my capital from the property sector & achieving my first million.   

Arranging my priorities in the 6 areas of my life is my subsequent task, namely: family & home, spiritual & ethical, social & cultural, financial & career, physical & health and mental & educational.

-Family & home is mainly about the time and life I am going to spend with my family & the environment which I would want to live in the future.

-Spiritual & ethical is about my role in the christian community  & raising a catholic family.

-Social & cultural is about the bonds which I would want to form with my true friends and the life I would want to live travelling & tasting various delicacies.

-Financial & career is about the development in my real estate & trader career.-Physical & health would be how I go about keeping myself fit & my diet light & simple

-Mental & educational would be to sustain my avid reading habits & pursue my CFA and mentoring people. 

Then, I had to make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound before plotting out my action plan.  

Last but not least, control & evaluation would include identifying the skills I need to accquire to achive my goals & the contingencies I have to adopt in unfavourable macro factors in the economy. 


I managed to come up with a pretty neat chart which would keep my disciplined and focused towards my goals if I review it daily!

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