Picking up momentum

 I took a few days break after tying the loose ends in the SOE. My aunt offered me a position at her company, this was just as well as I needed some cash to fund advertising fees when I am marketing properties for my clients; if I become an a formal property agent. I chose to work at her company as it was a good opportunity to learn how SMEs functions and the salary was above market rate.


Her company deals with distributing drugs and poisons to local clinics, polyclinics and hospitals. My job would be to process the daily orders, consolidate daily sales and pack the goods. The role of the data entry clerk was quite simple after I am familiar with the job description and the functions of my colleagues.


Besides my eight-to-five day job, I also took night classes concurrently; so as to become a real estate agent. I joined ERA and took the ESST and Diploma in Real Estate, as a result; my average day will end at 11pm. This period was very physically and mentally demanding but I had learnt a lot about pharmaceutical business and the property market during this one month.


Despite the hectic schedule, I found it very fulfilling as everything had gone according to plan; my next goal is to juggle my real estate commitments with my studies when school reopens and make 20k worth of commission monthly so as to be in line with my goal to become the best rookie and subsequently, the youngest millionaire in Singapore at 25.



P.S. I happen to have 3 quotes which inspired me greatly during this period, they are:


-See what others do not see, do what others do not do, sacrifice will no longer be a sacrifice


-The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary- May Smith


-Tough times do not last, only tough ppl do


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