Guilty as charged!

I am guilty of not making an effort to post on my blog these days but you can be sure that it directly correlates to the eventful or constructive things that had occurred in this period of my life.


For the past two months, my daily routine was reading the papers and self help books, surfing the net to keep myself updated in the current affairs, working as a real estate agent but mainly trying to develop a system to keep my activities constant in anticipation of the hectic semester ahead and lastly; indulging myself by playing some not-too-addictive games.


Then again, the objective of this blog is not to blog for the sake of blogging but rather to note memorable events for myself and some of my not-that-personal thoughts. That being said, I believe I owe this blog a couple of entries, namely: 1)my visit to AFA’08, 2)some of my attempts to inject scientific management into my foray into real estate, 3)my rants about my inaccurate-then-delayed exam results, 4)my second post-ord ippt and 5)reflections on some books I had read.



Pretty much i had been doing during the holidays

Pretty much i had been doing during the holidays


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