Habit II



Ok, so the book I had been reading lately is the 7 habits of highly effective people. It was long overdue and I had to read it as it was “the book” in self management; I am currently at early chapter 3- around 44% and had just completed a chapter 2 exercise known as “identifying your roles and goals”. 


The aim of visualising and writing your goal helps to clarify your thoughts, breaking them into more easily achievable parts. This concept that everybody have different and multiple roles to play was not foreign to me (It also applies to your personality; as such, many mes actually exists in the mind of different people. I came across this concept in an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion and it delves into the realm of psychoanalysis and philosophy.).


However, the amazing thing about doing this task, beyond letting me discover a little more about my underlying values, was that it totally utilised everything I had learn about self actualization in the past few years and crystallises it into an extremely clear picture! This therapeutical and insightful process shows me how inadequate I current am compared to my desired future self. But the point was give me this rude shock and to recognise this reality so that I can start making conscious decisions decision to mould myself.


The realisation struck me pretty hard as I had thought the desire to develop myself to the best of mycapabilities was the apex; thanks to Maslow hierarchy of needs. Rather, it is very important to be realistic and create a goal of who you want to be in future. That being said, I created a saint in a couple of hours of introspection and that is someone I really look forward to becoming.


Identifying roles and goals (with the left brain)





·          Be a role model by living a life of integrity, discipline, grace & truth adhering to God’s desire.

·          Read and learn more about God.

·          Evangelize the Good News to people.

·          Serve & play a part in building the Church.



·          Be a role model to provide positive influence.

·          Assist in the development of Christian values in my siblings.

·          Provide love & support when required.



·          Help my friends when they genuinely need it.

·          Being present to provide moral & emotional support when needed.


Property agent:

·          Commitment to upgrading my skills & knowledge by updating myself with the current government policies & researching on the local & global property industry.

·          Serving my clients with integrity by providing objective and accurate information with the best of my knowledge so that they can make their decisions.

·          Uncompromising personalized service.

·          Never, ever attempt to earn more by doing anything unethical against my clients, firm, colleagues and competitors.

·          Commitment to developing the ability of my associates to the fullest.



·          Attending lectures, courses and activity to maximize my learning experience & capabilities.

·          Revise religiously so as to score well for my assignments & exams.

·          Commitment to sustainable and lifelong learning.


Human being:

·          Make efficient and effective use of my time

·          Commitment to lifelong learning to maximize my intellectual capabilities by being humble, reading widely and maintaining awareness to different perspectives.

·          Travel & read widely & actively so as to bridge different cultural perspective, preventing conflicts and promoting peace in the world.

·          Actively choose to lead a healthy, socially and environmental friendly lifestyle.

·          Using all my abilities to contribute to the betterment of mankind through promoting of education, Christian values and doing charity for the economically & physically handicapped.  



·          Love and serve my wife with all my heart.

·          Provide emotional, financial and moral support for my wife when required.

·          Commitment to learning to understanding my wife so as to be a good husband.



·          Inculcating Christian and character ethics for my children.

·          Provide my children with education and proactively sharing my knowledge & experiences with them.

·          Help my children to fulfill their potential in their respective fields and interests.

·          Take part in every stage of my children’s growth & prioritize my time to my family over my work unconditionally.

·          Provide emotional, financial and moral support for my family when required.






Little girl with butterfly wings





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