A lesson I had learnt from my real estate degree course:

If focusing on your goals gives you the power to fulfill your greatest dreams, distraction is probably the most destructive force on earth that keeps you from doing. It is distraction that prevented so many young adults from fulfilling their potential, caused so many adults to lose their jobs, caused so many parents to lose their family and prevented so many individuals from living a meaningful life. No wonder the idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Personally, I have been struggling to juggle my real estate career with my group projects in school. It had been a ghoulish month whereby up to eight hours daily could be spent on the projects alone. I had also been hooked to a new RPG Fallout 3 which took 3-4 hours daily and that leaves me with little time for real estate. I got distracted.

Fortunately, I managed to survive the tortuous process and learnt my lesson by starting the project earlier and choosing the correct members so as to be able to aid in early completion of the group project. My exams will be coming up at the end of this month and these lessons will certainly prove useful to my revision process. Real estate wise, I am back in action!


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