Refer to this entry if you feel distracted during Sem5

My 4th semester is finally is finally over, in fact, it has been 2 weeks since it concluded. This semester is characterized by lots of juggling between my real estate commitments, group projects and examinations.

My real estate commitments are the in-house real estate degree. This in-house real estate degree focuses on establishing a sound system for your real estate career by providing the

1) rationale for various processes,

2) motivational through the point scoring system and

3) discipline by making weekly presentations compulsory.

The lessons were fairly good, more structure to it   and very fruitful due to the compulsory weekly homework. My accomplishments during the course were limited as I had been fully stretched in school & *ahem* Fallout 3. But I have made a lot of headway during the holidays, creating form to extract important data, folders to classify them according to the nature of their activity and reinvested my income to build more leverage into my prospecting system. I now have more time for my activities and is making more headway because of my planning, prospecting, buying and selling systems.

As I had mentioned in my blog earlier, the group project period were indeed ghoulish. I had spent large amount of time to them and ended up neglecting my daily examination revision. Upon reanalyzing, I realized that there was

1) little efficiency due to lack of an official leader who is supposed to exact discipline & define tasks,

2) inability to manage our task easily due to the concurrent tests and

3) differences between working methods between strong personalities.

I think these problems will be solved if an official leader was present, tasks will be

1) clearly defined to prevent confusion or differing expectations,

2) deadlines will be better adhered to due to better idea of the tasks & scheduling and

3) better allocation of tasks will prevent intersection of duties and allowance to iron out differences.    

My examination this semester is mainly bad time management as I had underestimated this semester as it is chock full of time consuming group projects this was exacerbated by extensive time committed to my real estate commitments, group projects and yes, Fallout 3. I fared pretty badly this semester and got credits instead of distinctions for the common tests. The main reasons for this was the lack of past year papers which had always been an essential component of my revision, question spotting which didn’t go according to plan and screwing up of my WIL1 project. Things I can learn from this semester would be to do early revision of my course which will give me a better grasp of the subjects, allowing me to spread my risks (although I still prefer my past year papers and I suspect I will still succumb to question spotting as I am used to this sort of risk taking)

Next semester, I am confident that I can better manage my real estate due to a better management system implemented, no more Fallout 3 distraction, better group project management and early revision for my exams. Therefore, due to the nature a tougher 5th semester, next semester would be as tough or if not more tough. This entry helped me to clear my thoughts and I will refer back to it many times during the next semester if I got lost somehow.


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