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“You’re Fired!”

I am finally back after one and a half month; many things happen during this period. Firstly, I managed to clear this semester exams although my grades were not exactly fantastic. Next would be my involvement in Spirit of Enterprise project in which I would have to interview entrepreneurs about their success stories. Last but not least, I commenced my real estate courses and formally enter the property market. I would elaborate about these interesting events later.

The few interesting things that happened to me, between my 8th April post and last paper on 9th May.


Part 3: The Apprentice


Meanwhile, I am addicted on the Apprentice; namely the first, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons.


What I really like about the Apprentice are the different colorful characters, clash in personalities between projects and the board with Mr Trump and Ivanka in it.


Season one apprentice Bill Ranric has very good business acumen, quick mental reflexes and often thinks out of the box. These qualities were expressed when forming a formidable team for the final showdown against Kwame, locating the lost advertisement when all hope seems lost and putting advertisements on the rickshaws for additional revenue. However, I would have to give credit to Omarossa as she left a deeper impression on me due to her devious nature and caustic personality.


Season five apprentice Sean is a ladies man and someone who had excellent EQ in additional to his great sense of fashion. However, Lee really impressed me because he had customized and employed marketing strategies which flustered their opponents and lead his team to victory in several episodes. He seemed like a master strategist and is the underdog, taking into account his young age.


Season six apprentice is really someone I would love to take EQ lessons from. Stefanie managed to win this game without being project manager or being invited to the board room. She is also capable of making very good presentation which I believed brought her team to victory more than once.


Celebrity Apprentice is extremely entertaining compared to its’ predecessors. From the Piers-Omarossa feud to the Piers-Steven vendetta, its entertainment value is immense; not to mention 13 full board room session of Ivanka.


After writing this blog a month after watching this show, I have the irresistible urge to go through it once again- that is if I can make the time. There are many thing that I had learnt from the various apprentices in this show like handling interpersonal conflicts, utilizing team mates forte, thinking creatively and perhaps use them in similar situations. The corporate world is indeed full of surprises and i cannot wait to make my mark there.