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Multiple Intelligence

This is the 3rd PEARLS session. The PEA which I had done has benefited me a lot as I can see how my “significant others” in my life see me. I got to see my weak and my strong points as perceived by others clearly now. I reflected on these comments, as only I know why did I choose to behave in this manner which lead to how the others perceive me, this exercise surprised me as I realised that I do not have reasons for behaving in a certain manner sometimes; and that on some occasion I have been acting against my beliefs as well. (See cognitive dissonance.)

Our first exercise for today is Howard Gardner multiple intelligence. I scored:

  multiple intelligence result

victor's multiple intelligence results


I had confidence in my physical and visual abilities which is reflected in this diagram, I had always enjoyed nature and like organising myself which probably gave me pretty decent scores for my naturalistic and intrapersonal faculties, therefore i thought it was quite accurate. elaboration’s here

 Anyways, I thought this test had limited effectiveness as there are many subjective questions. Therefore, a self confident person could max out this scale which isn’t necessarily true.

Next, Richard elaborated on various intellectual faculties, giving examples on each one. The lesson today was self exploration, many people found out interesting thing about themselves which led to chattering, this kind of set the schedule today but it was a good lesson.

We didn’t managed to create our vision today but it can be done more effectively as a homework.