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Self-discipline & Sacrifice


“See what others do not see, do what others do not do, sacrifice will no longer be a sacrifice.”


I thought that this line is very relevant in everybody’s life and something that I firmly subscribe to.There are many times people around me would complain how doing of their homework and the lesson schedule would prevent them from having fun with their buddies or their girlfriends/ boyfriends; Or when working and helping people to complete a tedious task is wasting or sacrificing their time. But the way I see it is just a matter of perception, there are always more than one way to see and respond to a situation; and staying positive is a very good way indeed.


Back to topic, today is my final lesson of pearls with Richard for this semester and the topic is charging. One of the reasons I think this name is very apt is because we had already set our vision and short term goals previously; and that there is simply no reason to stay put now. Attendance was not very good for this session as majority of the participants had finance test during the weekend and they were busy mugging, I thought this is good in a way as Richard could give us more attention.


We started this lesson with a video clip of some people playing checkers. Player one made several sacrifices to allow one of his piece to reach one end of the board, by then that was his only piece left. How the most amazing thing happened next, with that special piece, he annihilated all his opponent pieces. I will upload the video on a later date but this video clearly showed the essence of planning in advance & making sacrifices.


Therefore, after planning our life strategically, it is now time to commit to this plan by maintaining self- discipline (through “sacrifices”). Richard touched on time management first and shared with us about Stephen Covey task management quadrants. By allocating tasks correctly into correct quadrant will allow us to make better decision about daily tasks and helps to relieve undue stress on us; This also helps us to downsize our challenges in life so that they can be conquered more easily.


The next thing Richard taught us about was to maintain positive leverage so that we can get the most out of daily situations and allow us to achieve our goals; that are especially true in the corporate world as people for perceptions about you swiftly and are not very forgiving. However, to get this leverage, it is important to be well read, well travelled & well prepared (I think). The lesson is very interesting as we could ask him a lot of questions and he shared his corporate experience with us. He also made us a special offer to help us analyse and give us some guidance provided we did our home work for this course and feed him with information on our abilities, goals and plans- I think it would be a good thing having Richard as a mentor as he is very helpful and sincere. With that we concluded the 2nd module of pearls- Personal Mastery.