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Adam Khoo: Singapore youngest millionaire

I had a pretty tough time juggling my marketing principles group project, tests and my personal time and it took quite a toll on me. I made too much sacrifices and it made my life topsy turvy. But the good thing was that every thing good or bad will come to an end eventually (it was the latter).


 Luckily I was invited to join Adam Khoo in one of his seminar on wealth creation in the evening and that certainly brightened my day. Adam Khoo is Singapore’s youngest millionaire at 26; he is a multi-millionaire with several businesses in education, training, event management and advertising, all with a combined annual turnover of $20 million.


I managed to book an additional seat for Daniel, my class mate who is passionate about the financial market and wealth generation. We met up at Amara Hotel; he just knocked off looked pretty tired but still came for the talk to learn new ideas; that’s what I call commitment to personal interests. We registered for the seminar and took our places among the crowd. One thing I noted was that a mildly handicapped guy was hired in his company; I thought that was a very good move as this provides them with an opportunity to contribute to the society.


The talk was exceptional, touching on personal mastery, money management and income generation. He shared about his personal experiences and how to adopt the millionaire mindset which empowers their beliefs, enables them to identify potential business opportunities and cultivating powerful mental habits like goal setting (you will be surprised). Money management way about delayed gratification, micromanaging your wealth and expenses down to your last cents( and I thought I was detailed). Last one was my personal favorite: to generate multiple passive income streams through IP, the various tool available in the financial markets and our natural talents.


I have read his book, Secrets of Millionaire Investors before, he made it so simple that a layman can grasp the theories, which is a very good thing. But the talk is a different game altogether. I would go for it if I could afford, but it was a whopping 3k. Looks like I will have to learn it my own way thenJ it was very insightful on the whole it helped me to snap out of the mental state I was in.