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Another 1st: Annual Report & Dividends

The few interesting things that happened to me, between my 8th April post and last paper on 9th May.

Part 1: 11th April

Today, I found a pleasant surprise lying in my mailbox; it is the 2007 Annual Report for Banyan Tree Holdings. For the uninformed, I have bought Banyan Tree shares at a distressed price (and yes, I am a value investor), my current paper gain is in excess of 15%.

Banyan Tree has hotel and property operations, they also manage spa, gallery and designing operations. Their existing operations are mainly in Southeast Asia and Australia, with future developments in America, the Middle East and PRC.

I will be receiving my first dividends sometime in June; it is a small sum, further reduced by POEMS dividends charges (dammit!). Banyan tree has done a good job in maximizing shareholder value so far, pity that markets sentiments on rising oil prices has beaten down this counter.

What I thought was impressive was that they had a societal marketing concept, their 2 initiatives are the green imperative fund which provides financial support for environmental initiatives and environmental protection AND the natural resources conservation initiative with the aim of reducing water and electricity consumption by 10% for the next 3 years. They are also challenging themselves to plant 2000 new trees annually, drive greater awareness of climate changes and concurrently reducing their carbon emissions. I don’t know about you, but I would be a pretty satisfied customer if I am unwinding in a Banyan Tree or Angsana resort, knowing that a portion of the consumer dollars goes back into protecting the environment.

That reminds me of my plans to go turtle riding in RedangJ, I heard from many of my friends that excessive tourism is hurting the coral reefs there and nothing will be left in time to come.

You can click here for their corporate video, enjoy!


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