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Challenging times ahead

My exams are finally over; the entire last month schedule consists of mugging at AMK library with my study group, Deepak, Kyaw and company. One thing I noticed is that a long study break has its cons too as I got burnt out at the last week; but I am not complaining as they time was well-spent.


But now it is time to get to serious business. I will have approximately 2 whole months to myself and I have to optimize it. My agenda for this break is pretty simple: complete my Spirit of Enterprise project before the 15 June deadline, earn some bucks by working at my aunt’s company during the day and go for my real estate ESST training in the evening during the month of June.


Beyond all this tasks, I would like to start reading again; learning makes me feel all good and smart. I realized that I had to give up several of my activities like attending my church group, drawing, reading and sports during the course of my study break; that is a rather startling (and bad)discovery: I just cannot manage my time well! And that’s going to come back and bite my ass when I am juggling real estate, club activities and my studies next semester.


One reason is that I feel contributed to my bad time management is that I try to study with every moment I have, I am under the impression that all other activities will deprive me of my studying time so I just cut themL.


 I guess I have to study more consistently next semester to prevent this feeling of insecurity (hey, this sounds awfully familiar!); this will help given my real estate and club commitments. I don’t want to face this issue when I am working in future and become a dull, fat uncle (sorry, no offense to all dull, fat uncles out there!)


This brings me to the issue on why I didn’t manage to allocate my schedule this semester better. The reason would have to be my enormous commitments as a project group leader. I realized I am a perfectionist (partially due to my above mentioned insecurity as well) and expects a lot out of my team mates as well, and that led to couple of conflicts with some individuals along the way; thankfully nothing personal. That clearly points out that my intra personal skill needs some polishing, so it’s back to basics: time to read Richard Templar’s The Rules of Work