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IT Show 2008!

The IT fair between March 6, 2008 & March 9, 2008 is my first stint selling Wacom tablets which was DARN neat! 

Wacom basically sells LCD pen tablets, Bluetooth pen tablets and normal pen tablets used for drawing, painting, writing and photo editing. They are thus used by artists; designer and architects, among them would be Lucas Film and famous Japanese manga artists. Despite little or no advertisement over the television, it is the best pen tablet in Singapore 

The 4 days spent working in the convention centre was a very memorable working experience as: 

1)      Part of the job as a tablet promoter is drawing with the product, my favorite past time!

2)      I really believe the product is very, very useful for graphical designing.

3)      I get to use and learn about the different tablets and corel painter , a very big incentive for me.

4)      The pay is commission based and is therefore, very attractive for me.

5)      The staffs of the company are very friendly to new staff.

6)      I got to meet fantastic anime artists whom I learned a thing or two from. 

My performance volume for the fair is average, but that is also partly because tablets are premium it products and are naturally more difficult to sell. But my performance is among the highest in value. The staffs, especially the manager is very nice to me; I would chose to work in Wacom for the next fair if the opportunity presents itself. 

Here are some pictures of the booth:


painting deedlit from record of lodoss war on Cintiq 21″


peripheral solution booth

these are the few products of the tablets:


 dont ask me how the artist did it


focus on the shadings


More Wacom goodness

the title speaks for itself, enjoy the videos!